Fifty Reasons To End Gun Violence and Homophobia

First off, you shouldn't need fifty reasons to work towards ending gun violence and homophobia.  Both of these societal ailments...
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Fifty Reasons To End Gun Violence and Homophobia

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Anyway, welcome to Chris City!  My name is Christopher Sugatan Fornesa and you are about to embark on a short trek that features my thoughts about the world around us.  This is a purely personal blog, however, I have big things planned for this, and other, websites.  Chris City will not only be a web log where I express my perspectives, but it is also one of my brands that highlight my identity.  This will be my second brand, after CftxP (which I use as my creative pseudonym), that will focus on my personal identity rather than simply the art.  The CftxP and Chris City identities (along with my other websites) will be forever intertwined for as long as I am in existence (and hopefully beyond).

So here’s the story.  I occasionally go on domain name binges where buy (or register) a load of domain names.  So one day, while searching Namecheap on a limb, I wondered if there were any affordable “chris” domain names that I could register.  After about 10 to 20 minutes of searching, I found that “chris.city” was available, so of course I bought it!  But the thing is, I had no use for it, I simply bought it because I knew that one day I would use it – even if it wasn’t immediate.

Tragically, on June 12, 2016, the worst mass shooting in recent American history occurred at Pulse Nightclub, a gay bar in Orlando, Florida.  In the process of mourning, anger, and sadness for my community and for other Queer, Trans and Intersex (QTI) people of color (POC), I realized that I needed to speak out in my own way.  While I already had experience with a multitude of WordPress sites, and other blogs, I wanted to make a website and blog that could feature myself as an individual.  I wanted to create a digital legacy for myself that was greater than anything that I’ve already done in the past.  What happened in Orlando shook me to the core and made me think about my own legacy.  If I would die in a situation like Pulse, where the crossroads of homophobia and gun violence converged, would I be remembered?  So now, I have built this website on the domain name “chris.city” as another extension of my online identity.

Furthermore, I hereby dedicate this website to my true ideals, to my true self, and to the rest who suffer from societal discrimination and personal hardship.

With much love,

Chris Fornesa

P.S. Feel free to contact me and get in touch!