About Chris City

About Chris City

Welcome to Chris City! ย This is where you may find my heart and soul, my thoughts, and my accomplishments all in one package. ย Chris City is all about myself, Christopher Sugatan Fornesa. ย I envision Chris City to be the manifestation of my presence and, in fact, Chris City is now both my personal and professional brand.

So welcome to Chris City, a place dedicated to my presence.

About Who I Am

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So I am an alumni of Houston Community College, having earned enough credits for an A.A. in Liberal Arts – General Studies (with a 4.000 GPA) and a Digital Communications – Web Publishing Certificate (with a 3.750 GPA) with a 3.949 cumulative GPA. I have been continuing my undergraduate career at the University of Houston as a candidate for the Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies, having already earned a Business Foundations minor and a Corporate Entrepreneurship Certificate I will also complete my minors in Political Science and Studio Art upon my graduation this May 2018.

I am passionate about making the world a better place in the manner by which my skills and abilities are integrated. I would like to build on my web coding skills to build on a foundation for the computer programming skills I plan to attain in my Computer Science coursework. I would also like to continue to find my voice as an artist, both in terms of writing and visual art, so that I can share my art with the world comfortably and confidently.

My Mission: What I Want To Do In Life

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My name is Chris Fornesa and I am a creator who inspires people to find the best within themselves through my creations and my story.

I am an ambitious individual and, although I haven’t been dealt the same cards that many in life have, I am determined to make something of myself. I make many websites about myself because I want to remind myself, from time to time, that I have already gained success in my own way. I am a gay man, an autistic person, a Pinoy (Filipino) but U.S. born person, a low-income person who has degrees of OCD, anxiety, and depression. To claim that my life is easy and for anyone who’s looking from the outside to do the same would be offensive to who I am as an individual and others like myself. However, to state that I accept victimhood would be even worse. I will never accept victimhood from societal, patriarchal, normative mores in society because I am a part of society and I want to use my platform to improve the lives of other marginalized people in society. I do not believe that the things that define me are afflictions but, rather, a part of my personhood. Being gay, autistic and Pinoy gives me a true sense of the minority experience: I am a brown, disabled, queer man of color and all of these characteristics are a part of my identity and taking any of these characteristics away from anything else that identifies me would be an insult to my humanity. Being a low-income individual shows me first-hand that, unfortunately, money does buy opportunity but, also, that you can make your own opportunities as well. Having OCD, anxiety and depression are, indeed, struggles and I do not consider these things to define who I am but these conditions have allowed me to seek the truth into who I am and what I want to do in life. While I, indeed, struggle as a queer, autistic person of color, I have become determined to let the world know who I am and what I am capable of. My mission is simply to do my best in a society that’s rigged against what makes me human.

I want to study political science, the law, art, and computer science. I want to do these things, not only so that I hae a fallback in case things in life do not always go as well as I would like for them to (which I know first-hand will definitely be the case) but because I dream big. My vision involves success as an artist, success as a programmer/software engineer, success as a self-advocate (and as one for others) and an activist. I feel as if I am destined to live a full life with a career that combines my interests. Ideally, I will be able to write code that allows for aesthetic pleasure, make art that’s interactive and accessible via the internet, advocate for myself and others whose lives are affected by societal marginalization, and ideally I will fulfill all of these things and more!

Stay tuned, of course, this is only the beginning of my journey.