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Happy #autisticprideday everyone!  Autistic Pride Day is all about celebrating neurodivergence and the different orientations by which the human brain functions and thinks.  Autistics, by and large, are all too often stereotyped, categorized, and grouped as being a homogenous group of people with the commonality of inability.  It is true that we are disabled but that does not, and should not, imply inability.  And to those who claim to state that we are only “differently”-abled, that only takes away from our collective struggle to gain acceptance as a subset of society.  The disability movement was created to help society recognize that we are a diverse group of people whose struggles are marked by societal norms rather than our inabilities.  Our inabilities should be respected, rather than be used as a cautionary tale by neurotypical people and our humanity must be recognized as being just as important as that of others.  We were not put on this earth to be your inspiration, cautionary tale, or burden.  We were put on this earth for our individual purposes, each and every one of us have a calling, and that includes disabled people!

I want to celebrate my pride as an autistic person because all too many people want to categorize me and despise me for my disability.  But the point is that I am disabled but I am a part of your society.  My functioning level, intelligence, or other aspects of my background do not and should not determine my worth in our society.  My individuality, goals, and willingness should.  I am autistic and it is not in spite of this that my beliefs or work have been what they are.  My pride as an autistic person is because I have an autistic mind, simple as that, and I am happy and proud to be who I am.

So happy Autistic Pride Day everyone!  May the world accept people like myself unconditionally.

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