This visual poetry project is dedicated to the victims of the Pulse massacre who lost their lives during a simple night out with loved ones and strangers, forever embedded and united in history on that tragic night. On June 12, 2016, a horrific attack on the Queer and Trans communities took place at Pulse Nightclub […]

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Asian Privilege

It does not exist. There’s your answer, there is no such thing as Asian privilege.  If there was, then my being Asian would be seen in the same light as someone’s whiteness.  I would get job offers, leadership positions, educational opportunities, etc. because of my being Asian.  But in reality, that does not happen. Claiming […]

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#weareone #wearelove #wearehere

At this point in history, we now have more stateless people in the world more than ever before.  Think about it, we have had advances in STEM, in the arts, in our every day lives for many people in the industrialized world.  However, for some reason, we still cannot figure out how to make sure […]

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Intersections of Privilege

In this post, I will write about the intersections of privilege, mostly in the personal sense.  So as I’ve written about before, I am gay, autistic, and Filipino but the perceptions that society has on me is as a mostly-straight, neurotypical brown man (Filipino history and Latino history in both global history and American history […]

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My Network Of Sites

I would like to use this post to promote…. wait for it…. wait a little longer…. wait some more….. my network of websites! I know, it’s not as exciting as when I talk about intersectional topics but hear me out. This is important! I do my best to take care of my online presence in […]

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My Privilege (Maybe)

So I’ve just completed BuzzFeed’s “How Privileged Are You?” Quiz and found out (what a shocker) that I’m not privileged according to the quiz creators’ criterion such as “Do you have a student loan?” or “I have never been called a racial slur”.  Before I write about how problematic quizzing privilege is, let me state […]

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Happy #autisticprideday everyone!  Autistic Pride Day is all about celebrating neurodivergence and the different orientations by which the human brain functions and thinks.  Autistics, by and large, are all too often stereotyped, categorized, and grouped as being a homogenous group of people with the commonality of inability.  It is true that we are disabled but […]

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Your Life Purpose

I will make an exception from my activism/advocacy-charged posts to write a little bit about our mission in life.  While some people are meant to be advocates, others are meant to be artists, while others are meant to be lawyers, and others bankers.  The truth is that all of us are a little different even […]

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