I’m With #Nice but…

Mass incarceration of Muslims is a problem in France.  That is a fact.  While Muslims make up only about 8% of the general French citizenry, between 60 – 70% of all inmates in France are Muslim.  This is only a symptom of the general xenophobia found in the populace.  Unfortunately, because of such attacks, people […]

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Asian Privilege

It does not exist. There’s your answer, there is no such thing as Asian privilege.  If there was, then my being Asian would be seen in the same light as someone’s whiteness.  I would get job offers, leadership positions, educational opportunities, etc. because of my being Asian.  But in reality, that does not happen. Claiming […]

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Do Not Ignore Other People Of Color

I have seen many posts on social media about how “Black Lives Matter” is used for justification to deliberately ignore the struggles of other people of color.  I stand in solidarity with my Black brethren one-hundred percent against police brutality that targets them.  I stand in solidarity with my Black brethren one-hundred percent against the […]

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#weareone #wearelove #wearehere

At this point in history, we now have more stateless people in the world more than ever before.  Think about it, we have had advances in STEM, in the arts, in our every day lives for many people in the industrialized world.  However, for some reason, we still cannot figure out how to make sure […]

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Privilege Not Prejudice

Prejudice is one thing, but privilege is another.  They are, despite what we think of these two words, not the same thing.  Prejudice is a set of predetermined ideas that someone has about a member of a group of people that see that particular subset of the population in a negative light.  Privilege, on the […]

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Intersections of Privilege

In this post, I will write about the intersections of privilege, mostly in the personal sense.  So as I’ve written about before, I am gay, autistic, and Filipino but the perceptions that society has on me is as a mostly-straight, neurotypical brown man (Filipino history and Latino history in both global history and American history […]

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Rant: Erasure and Ableism

It seems like every single time a tragedy involving a gun occurs in America, people automatically turn to the mental health of the individual.  Granted, we have a serious mental health crisis in America wherein the most of the people who are mentally ill in this nation are not getting the help, treatment and government-supported […]

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Privileges and Immunities

In the United States Constitution, the Fourteenth Amendment states that “No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States….” In this post, I will talk about the unfortunate, and unfair, laws and de facto policies that allow for violence like the massacre at […]

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