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Do Not Ignore Other People Of Color

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I have seen many posts on social media about how “Black Lives Matter” is used for justification to deliberately ignore the struggles of other people of color.  I stand in solidarity with my Black brethren one-hundred percent against police brutality that targets them.  I stand in solidarity with my Black brethren one-hundred percent against the systematic injustices that they face such as the highest incarceration rates out of all of the races and ethnicities in this nation as well as the highest rates of poverty, unemployment, and other issues that face the Black community.  However, to claim that other people of color should not be worried, should not be afraid, and do not need to “weigh in” to me is a deliberate acceptance of white supremacy in itself.  My Brown brethren face issues such as poverty, mass incarceration, and unemployment as well.  My Brown brethren make up eighty percent of cases of police brutality in the state of California.  My Brown brothers also suffer from systematic injustices.  My Yellow and Red brethren face differing symptoms of systematic injustice as well but are still subjugated by white supremacy.

We need to realize that with Black Lives Matter, the Civil Rights Movement, the Women’s Rights Movement, the continuing movement for LGBTQIA+ liberation, the Disability Rights Movement, and numerous other movements, the common theme and enemy is and was white supremacy.  White supremacy is what resulted in slavery, Jim Crow laws that targeted everyone from Black people to Filipinos, anti-miscegenation laws, gender inequity in marital rights, salaries, and employment, and numerous other historical and current inequities people of color, queer people, women, the disabled, and other historically disadvantaged groups face and have faced in American society.  White supremacy is what allows for the continuation of police brutality, enforces the criminalization of all people of color, and subjugates people of color, women, disabled people, queer people, and numerous other groups.  Essentially, if you aren’t the wealthy cis straight white male archetype with privilege, you do not benefit from white supremacy.  With white supremacy, if you don’t benefit, then you are subjugated.  And this is why it is crucial that we get this into our heads!

If you think for one second that because you aren’t Black, that you cannot experience subjugation from white supremacy, then you fit in as another pawn in the enforcement of white supremacy.  If you claim that because you’re not Black, then your experiences as a person of color is not AS bad as those who are Black, then you have given into the forces of white supremacy.  White supremacy wants to divide us, not unite us.  White supremacy wants us to fight against each other, not work together for a better future.

We need and deserve better than white supremacy.

It is one thing to be white and be disabled, queer and trans because, yes, you experience white privilege, however, you are still subjugated as someone who doesn’t fit the archetype of privilege and you are still subjugated by white supremacy.  The same can be said to straight cis white women, they are still subjugated by gender roles perpetuated by white supremacy.  Even if you’re a disabled cis straight white man, you may experience white privilege but you do not fit the archetype and, because of that, you aren’t the main beneficiary of white supremacy.

In essence, white supremacy IS the patriarchy.

So please, do not tell me that because I’m not Black, that I should not be worried for my safety when I go out at night, because as someone who is Brown, my Brownness is a perceived threat by many in white society and the authorities.  Do not tell me that bringing up the four Latino people who have been killed in the past week is taking away from #BlackLivesMatter, because Black Lives Matter is a Black radical movement that is against white supremacy in all forms and many such activists have spoken out about other people of color who experienced police brutality.  Do not tell me that the Asian policeman who murdered Philando Castille represents the model minority myth and the myth that Asians do not experience the negative effects of white supremacy because the police are the enforcers of white supremacy in this country.  Also, do not tell me that there is a race war.  There is no such thing.  This violence against Black people, Brown people, Yellow people, and Red people is simply the manifestation of the perpetuity of white supremacy, it is the continuation of years of struggle that people of color have faced in this nation.

I say this because I do not want to be another hashtag, another cautionary tale about being a person of color who is killed because of the color of his skin.  I do not want to be someone’s nightmare come true and I do not want the authorities to kill me just because I can experience heated states of anger.  I do not want to be the innocent man of color that experienced the facets of white supremacy and, because I refuse to back down, because the next victim in our system of inequity.  I do not want my Brownness to be the reason that I am scared, but it is and I am.

I also do not want to diminish the struggles of Black people in the scope of all that has occurred, but we cannot excuse the erasure of other people of color in the scope of systematic racism that has been institutionalized by the patriarchy of white supremacy.

But whether you’re White, Black, Brown, Latino, Asian, Yellow, Red, or Mixed-race, you have a responsibility, for the sake of your children, their society, their unity, to stand up against white supremacy.  You are either an ally or fighter or you will be the oppressor or subjugate of our system of inequity.

In either case, participating in erasure is continuing the in-fighting encouraged by white supremacy.

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