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Thank you President Obama. Fuck you Trump.

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Tomorrow will be a sad day.  This is the day that one of the greatest Presidents to have reigned over these United States will no longer be our President.  President Barack Hussein Obama is why: we have marriage equality, many more Americans have healthcare, many of us will now aspire, our economy is actually growing and has been for the longest period in history, our world is truly a better place.  So to President Barack Obama, thank you, on behalf of every American that has benefited from your legacy.

However, a dark cloud is about to take over.  We are at the dawn of what will possibly be the darkest era in American history.  Now this is the reality: respectability, decency, and everything that’s supposed to matter in a civilized society has failed us.  From (he who shall not be named) to Brexit we have seen the masses of so-called “forgotten” voters vote in droves against the values and futures of their nations.  But let’s be clear, the white working-class is a privileged class in western society.  When this group of voters voted for xenophobic policy objectives, while they did no favors to themselves, they did irreparable damage to historically marginalized groups.  As Inauguration Day nears and the peaceful transition of power from President Obama to (he who shall not be named) will occur, the lives of people of color, LGBTQ+/Queer/Trans people, Muslims (and non-Christians in general), disabled people, and members of various other groups will be at dire risk.  White voters, like it or not, could not view their privilege and, instead, voted irregardless of their less privileged neighbors.  While many speculate certain theories, such as the myth that people of color did not vote, as reasons why (he who shall not be named) won the election, the truth is that respectability politics failed us (unless you’re straight and white of course) and playing into societal notions of viewing civil disobedience as radicalism rather than necessary acts.

Respectability politics is why people of color stayed obedient to an unfair system with the hope that integration would come smoothly.  Respectability politics is why Queer people got marriage equality but have yet to be protected fully from legal discrimination.  Respectability politics is why disabled people remain targets of abuse by our non-disabled counterparts, because we are often seen only as inspirational stories rather than human beings whose goals in life do not include fulfilling abled people’s feel-good fetish.  Respectability politics is why we have dialogue about gun control rather than actually do shit about it.  Respectability politics is why (he who shall not be named) was elected into the most powerful office on the face of the earth.

Respectability politics is why Black Lives Matter is seen in the same light as the Civil Rights Movement was.  Respectability politics is why the Dakota Access Pipeline will be an issue in the next administration.  Respectability politics is why we mourn for Pulse, yet do nothing about it.  Respectability politics is why Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was literally whitewashed in our collective consciousness.  Respectability politics is where we failed.

So for me, respectability dies.

And to all the Trump voters: fuck you.  I do not care about your reasons, your politics are repulsive, your results are disgusting.  So fuck your feelings.

Also, fuck you Trump.

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