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Chris City (

Chris City is composed of a variety of sites that encompass the mind of Chris Fornesa.  From politics, to art, to education, advocacy, and more, Chris City is truly at the heart of the online presence of Chris Fornesa.  Welcome to Chris City, I hope you enjoy your time here!

The One Named CftxP
The intent of this site is to showcase my professional and creative pursuits and capabilities. The links listed relate to my mission and other websites and social media content while hopefully the information found here will allow you to know more about who I am as an individual. This website is the core of my professional online presence.
Chris City
Chris City is the matriculation of everything that I am and is a passion project and anchor site of my online presence. It serves both as a blog and one of my home pages.
The Fornesa Log
My personal Tumblr blog where I share, like, post, etc. to my heart’s desire and serves as my main website for my social media presence.
The Thought Blog
The mind and thoughts of Chris Fornesa, in the form of a blog.
Bare: Poetry By Chris Fornesa
Poetry: from the heart and mind of Chris Fornesa that bears my soul and captures my experience as an individual in the written word.
Stories By Chris Fornesa
A conglomeration of fictional stories written by Chris Fornesa.
Dreaming The Power!
A simply optimistic blog about good things, good vibes, and dreams of the future!
Progressive Commentary By Chris Fornesa
Political Commentary by Chris Fornesa that focuses on a swath of contemporary issues alongside my personal commentary.

Chris City Shortlinks

Christopher Sugatan Fornesa’s Links
CSF Links contains the personal short url generator for Chris Fornesa and is utilized in Chris City, Chris The Artist Rocks!, and CftxP’s Digital Artistic Legacy.
Fornesa Business Group Links
This is the url shortening service for the Fornesa Business Group and serves both its interests and that of Chris Fornesa’s professional entrepreneurial pursuits.
Woke Us Conference Links
Woke Conference Links is the url shortening service for the Woke Us Conference.

Professional Links

The Work Of Chris Fornesa (Self-Designed)
A self-designed website that contains a portfolio of my artwork and credentials (thus far).

Career Profiles:

Art Profiles:

Social Media:

CF Art Work

CftxP’s Digital Artistic Legacy
An extensive showcase of the art of Chris Fornesa that features most of the artwork I have created (thus far).
Art By Chris Fornesa
My art-specific Tumblr blog that focuses on the art that I create.
The Loner Party
A collaborative art project between myself and the world.
The Artist Poet
A collection of visual conceptual art poetry created by Chris Fornesa.

What Woke Us Network

Woke Us Conference
A diverse online community for like-minded individuals to focus on discussion and dialogue regarding intersectionality in society.
This is an educational resource promoting the philosophy of intersectionality which calls for equity and reparations with regard to historical marginalization of groups of people based on all characteristics including: gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, gender identity/alignment/expression, job history, and military status.
Woke Us Blog
The official Tumblr of the Woke Us Network.
What Woke Us
This is another educational resource promoting the philosophy of intersectionality that was created as a project for my Web Design I course at Houston Community College.
Autistics Woke Us!
An online community and safe space for autistic (self-identified and diagnosed) people.
Action Woke Us!
Invigorate your life with action! While just existing is a triumph for some movements, action invigorates a movement and transforms what it stands for.

The MOGAI+ Network

The MOGAI+ Community
An online community for individuals who make up the totality of the MOGAI+ (marginalized orientations, gender alignments, and intersex + others and allies/LGBTQQIAAP) community for causes that affect us and the education of the general public.
The MOGAI+ Resource
A Tumblr blog where discussion occurs within the broader MOGAI+ community as a platform for both change and acceptance as well as education.