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Your Life Purpose


I will make an exception from my activism/advocacy-charged posts to write a little bit about our mission in life.  While some people are meant to be advocates, others are meant to be artists, while others are meant to be lawyers, and others bankers.  The truth is that all of us are a little different even from similar people.  There is no such thing as a pathway or guide to life because everyone will experience this phenomenon called “life” in differing ways.

So let me elaborate on my point of view about life.

I believe that everyone has greatness written in their DNA.  Our forefathers and foremothers were able to make something of their lives and entire generations collectively made technological, scientific, political and social progress that allow us to be safe from deadly ailments, have the technology that we have, and be able to live the lives that we live and aspire to the things that we do!  It was their effort that made our world what it is today.  But now, there are other problems in our world and many pre-existing problems that we have faced as a society still remain.  However, the truth still remains is that greatness is written in our DNA, and so we can and will solve many societal ailments that we have now!  I also would like to make the statement that everyone has a calling.  Our calling is possibly the most important aspect of our lives and knowing what your calling is gives you the opportunity to realize who you are as a person.  This is how we reach greatness, by knowing who we are and making sure that we have the integrity to remain to our true to who we are as individuals.  This is a great challenge to bear but once you know this, it becomes a great responsibility as well.  While individuality is an important part of our consciousness, we must also respect our respective cultures and social responsibility to our communities.  The goal of knowing who you are is to do your part in society because we have a responsibility to ourselves to express our individuality while also serving our communities.  There is no way that you can make your contribution to the world and achieve self-fulfillment if you choose not to serve both your community and yourself.

So what about me?  Well, I am a 22 year-old college student who is gay, Autistic, brown (according to both perception and history), and Pinoy (Filipino).  I have depression, OCD, and anxiety.  When I was still in the beginning stages of figuring out my purpose in life, I had no clue that I would be so passionate about serving others which is something I found out when I came out and realized that others were struggling with their identities in the same way that I was.  To me, that was my wake-up call that I was made to serve others and, although I am meek, that I must to my part to fight for others simply because my existence is dependent on it!  I have also come to realize that I am talented in two things: creativity and programming.  While I cannot claim to know it all in these fields, I am very interested and make a constant effort to improve my knowledge in art, advocacy, and coding.  I know now that, because of my passion for these fields, that I am meant to be an overall creative, which gives me the freedom (alongside both the financial and moral necessity) to create using both digital and physical (tangible) canvases.  Thus, using my creative abilities, I am able to also share my advocacy with others!  Knowing what my goals are, I have never been happier in my life and I now know what I want to achieve and what I need to do so.  I am a creative and an advocate and I love it!

So my parting words for now?

Find what you want to do, what you are passionate about, and how you will get there.  This isn’t meant to be a feel good article, this is simply an article whereby I would like to help you, from my point of view, see that you are capable of greatness, that you have a calling, and that you need to find that calling in order to fully serve the needs of your community and the ones you have for yourself.  Unless you are fulfilled in interpersonally and intrapersonally, you will not be putting forth the 110% effort that you need to reach your full potential!

With much love,

Chris Fornesa

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